Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mission #178: All Hail the Queen.

I appologize for taking so long to update you on the Avengers. Carol, Tony and I have been locked in the basement playing Dungeons and Dragons. Its really very addictive. I am proud to say I'm an Arcane Master! Tony is a Stalker (I still don't understand that class, but he tends to leave every night at 8.) and Carol is a Holy Avenger. And if you must know Edwin Jarvis, our butler, is the Dungeon Master.

As we were playing the other night, we heard a knock upstairs. I went to check it out, rather than risk Edwin's life. As I walked to the door, there was a scratching at the window. "Emma?" I asked, openning the window for her.

She stumbled in, getting water and a martini, that was in her hand, all over the floor. I could smell alcohol on her breath. Emma was drunk.

"Emma, are you okay?" I asked, closing the window and helping her to her feet.

"Just sodding brilliant." Emma hissed at me.

I decided not to ask her what the matter was, but called Edwin, who promptly cleaned Miss Frost up and gaver her a spare uniform. Soon after, Emma joined Tony, Carol, Edwin and I in the basement. "Would you care to play Emma?"

"What is it?" Emma asked, gazing over the playing field.

"Dungeons and Dragons." Carol responded. Emma snorted.

"It'll be fun." Tony insisted, winking. He handed a character sheet to her.

Emma gave a reproachful look to Tony. "Mr. Stark your idea of fun is not as gentleman-like, as you seem to believe." Regardless she took the character sheet. "Psion?"

"The class fits you." Carol smirked.

Edwin cleared his throat. "When we left off, Irondude," his voice was low with aggrivation at this, "Avengingbird and The Crimson Darkness were travelling through a dungeon just outside the Village in the Mist. Suddenly, they ran into a beautiful, fabulous, dazzling-"

"Edwin!" Carol, Tony and I yelled in unison. Emma chuckled lightly.

Edwin blushed and continued. "They ran into a gorgeous woman, clad in white. They stop and prepare to fight, but the woman speaks."

We all looked at Emma. She figured out she had to speak to us. "Greetings..." She thought for a moment. "I mean no harm to your party. Um... Let me show you the way to the beast that has been tormenting those poor visitors, dears."

The game lasted a long while. In the morning I returned Emma's clothes and saw her off. She seemed a lot happier, which is a good thing. No one is happy when Emma isn't.