Friday, November 14, 2008

Mission #1301: Remembering to post

Oh geeez.

I guess I've just been so lately what with reality warping that I've lost track of time.

Since the Avengers disassembled (again), I guess I'll have more time to update this thing.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mission #178: All Hail the Queen.

I appologize for taking so long to update you on the Avengers. Carol, Tony and I have been locked in the basement playing Dungeons and Dragons. Its really very addictive. I am proud to say I'm an Arcane Master! Tony is a Stalker (I still don't understand that class, but he tends to leave every night at 8.) and Carol is a Holy Avenger. And if you must know Edwin Jarvis, our butler, is the Dungeon Master.

As we were playing the other night, we heard a knock upstairs. I went to check it out, rather than risk Edwin's life. As I walked to the door, there was a scratching at the window. "Emma?" I asked, openning the window for her.

She stumbled in, getting water and a martini, that was in her hand, all over the floor. I could smell alcohol on her breath. Emma was drunk.

"Emma, are you okay?" I asked, closing the window and helping her to her feet.

"Just sodding brilliant." Emma hissed at me.

I decided not to ask her what the matter was, but called Edwin, who promptly cleaned Miss Frost up and gaver her a spare uniform. Soon after, Emma joined Tony, Carol, Edwin and I in the basement. "Would you care to play Emma?"

"What is it?" Emma asked, gazing over the playing field.

"Dungeons and Dragons." Carol responded. Emma snorted.

"It'll be fun." Tony insisted, winking. He handed a character sheet to her.

Emma gave a reproachful look to Tony. "Mr. Stark your idea of fun is not as gentleman-like, as you seem to believe." Regardless she took the character sheet. "Psion?"

"The class fits you." Carol smirked.

Edwin cleared his throat. "When we left off, Irondude," his voice was low with aggrivation at this, "Avengingbird and The Crimson Darkness were travelling through a dungeon just outside the Village in the Mist. Suddenly, they ran into a beautiful, fabulous, dazzling-"

"Edwin!" Carol, Tony and I yelled in unison. Emma chuckled lightly.

Edwin blushed and continued. "They ran into a gorgeous woman, clad in white. They stop and prepare to fight, but the woman speaks."

We all looked at Emma. She figured out she had to speak to us. "Greetings..." She thought for a moment. "I mean no harm to your party. Um... Let me show you the way to the beast that has been tormenting those poor visitors, dears."

The game lasted a long while. In the morning I returned Emma's clothes and saw her off. She seemed a lot happier, which is a good thing. No one is happy when Emma isn't.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Mission #151: Tag! You're it.

The other day while Carol and I were sitting around the Avenger's headquarters (relaxing after Apocalypse), Tony was stealing channels from Canada again. We knew he would be punished by Cap later, but what the hell? Its only Canada. Besides, we'd pay them back.

Anyways, Carol stumbled upon a show called "X-Men Evolution". It was an all day marathon too. Carol and I laughed at the X-Men and how they were portrayed. We even laughed at Magneto, who was just plain silly.

Soon, as inevitable as Pietro's appearance was, there was I... In a straight jacket... Half crazy. Not to mention the fact I was cursing my fathers name. I was grossly appalled. I would never be so abusive to my brother. And my hair was just horrible! Carol continued to laugh while I glowered at the screen. Did Pietro get all the sexy genes or something? I can't believe I was so self absorbed...

In the next few episodes, I was starting to fall for Toad. And then, the producers had the audacity to believe that my father would use Mastermind to control me. Of course it would never work because I am the ruler of the omniverse. Self-proclaimed ruler...

In anycase, once the marathon ended, I got into my uniform and went off to the WB offices. I arrived through a window that was for the Executive Producers of the show. And in true "Wanda style" as Carol likes to call it, I merely turned them into rabbits, showing my displeasure, and handed the excutives to a boy that lives near us. But, feeling guilty, I left a note to remind myself to return them to normal by the end of the week.

When I returned, Cap was chastising Tony for stealing Canadian channels. Carol ran over to me. "It finally came!"

"What did?" I asked, removing my mask.

"The Avengers!" She held up the DVD so I could see the cover. I felt my lip twitch and I stormed out of the room. I called Emma, and agreed to go on vacation with her. We will be heading off to Disneyland in the morning.

Now. It seems I have been tagged. So... Well.. Here goes:

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life
Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Reality changer

Four Places You’ve Lived
West Coast Avengers HQ
East Coast Avengers HQ
Eastern Europe
The Omniverse

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
Dr. Phil

Four Places You’ve Been On Vacation
Any Alternate reality you can't even begin to imagine

Four Blogs You Visit Daily
Jean Grey-Summers
Charles Xavier

Four Of Your Favorite Foods
Ice cream

Four Places You’d Rather Be
Name an Alternate Universe and I'm there

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without
The Best of Lorie- Lorie (She's my favorite French singer)
All the Right Reasons- Nickleback
And somo of Emma's mixes

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned
Thats all. I usually fly.

Four People To Be Tagged
Jean Grey-Summers
I don't think there is anyone left...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Mission #136: AA Meeting

As I sat around the the Avenger's headquarters, flipping through magazines, Carol entered and sat near me. Then Tony arrived and looked me over. "We need a ride."

"Where?" I asked, not looking up.

"Our AA meeting." Carol huffed.


"Well... We wanted you to drive us so we wouldn't draw any attention." Carol begged.

"Tony has a driver."

"He's on vaction." Tony said.

"Fine." I said, raising myself off the couch.

Soon we arrived at their AA meeting. I was aghast, seeing all the beer bellied men. Several tried to hit on me, so I merely insisted that I was unavailable. Thank God the meeting started soon.

I yawned as I heard speech after speech about the alchoholics drinking habits. Soon it was Carol's turn.

"Hi. My name is Carol." she began.

"Hi Carol." the room chanted monotonously.

"Its been three weeks since I last had a drink." The room clapped. "Its been rough. After numerous... uh... arguements, I just want to have a drink to unwind. Ever since that little bitch Rogue stole-" she stopped herself, seeing she had gripped so hard into the podium, it was starting to break. Carol saw the other AA members staring at her.

"Stole what?" the director of the program asked.

"My, uh... lover!" Thank goodness for Carol's quick wit.

"Very good." the director said. "Mr. Stark?"

"Hello everyone! My name is Tony."

"Hi Tony." the group chanted once more.

"Its beena month since my last drink." Applause. "And I feel great! My womanizing is up 110%." After the comment was made, there was a long awkward silence. Tony coughed and sat.

"And now our newest member. Miss...?"

It took me awhile before I realized the director was talking about me. "Sorry." I said, with a shrug. "I don't drink."

"Oh my God. You're in denial."

"Nope. I do enjoy the occasional red wine from time to time, but other than that, nothing."

"Its worse than I thought. I bet you're drunk now!" The director stood and tried to hold me down. He himself smelled heavily of vodka. I almost choked from the smell.

"Get off!" I yelped. I was getting annoyed with the whole thing. The director leered at me. I couldn't move my arms. "Carol!" I called.

Both Carol and Tony took care of that lecher. When they were finished, and the room was cleared as the director was huddled in the fetal position, I altered his reality, changing the loser into a crate, which Carol smashed for me.

We arrived home and me and Carol sat on the counters. Carol drinking champagne and I eating icecream. We didn't talk about the AA meeting, but I could sense she wasn't going back. I decided to personally limit her drinking. And that was the end of that.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wanda here, reporting for duty!

So my father is an evil mutant master of magnetism and my brother is quicker than sin. So where does that leave little old me? With the Avengers of course! Chronicles of my encounters and such. Maybe even a few blind dates.